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Hear what parents are saying about out director and facility!

It has been an absolute blessing for my 22 month old Rylan to attend Bright Beginning Childcare.  She began in January of 2021 and ended in July 2021. Even though Rylan attended only a short time, the love she received was phenomenal. She gained new friends and always came home with a bright smile. Rylan’s vocabulary grew tremendously in her time here. She was speaking clearly, counting, saying some of the alphabet, naming colors/animals, and speaking in phrases. I was impressed with the food menu and even more surprised when I found out Rylan tried things she never wanted at home. All in all, I give Bright Beginning Childcare a 10 out of 10 for creativity, safety and love. – Rhyan and Rylan


I have nothing but great things to say about Bright Beginning Childcare, LLC. My child started daycare at the age of 2 after being taken care of by her grandmother and also being the only child. I knew this transition would not be an easy one, but Mrs. Miriam made it much easier than expected. She really helped nurture and bring my little one out of her shell. It has now been almost a year and my child looks forward to going to the “schoolhouse” as she calls it, each day. I highly recommend this intimate daycare setting to all! – Tiffany, mom to Madysen, age 3

Mrs. Miriam,

You and the services that you provide are absolutely efficient. I love the HiMama app (I check it every minute of the day), the daily updates and pictures. My baby is on a great schedule with you. She is finishing her bottles, she loves the turtle toy (I have asked her to leave it at daycare, lol). I bought her a unicorn & she barely plays with it…I’m a little jealous, lol! Your staff handles my baby with care. When she comes home she is a different baby. I find myself researching & trying to make sure that I can keep up with the mental stimulation that you all are providing (to her). It’s a genuine connection and truly a bright beginning for my baby. I am pleased! – Mother of an infant girl, age 4 months


My son has been going to Bright Beginning Childcare since the end of January 2021. I am very impressed by Mrs. Miriam’s ability to individualize learning for each of the children through her play-based style of teaching. DJ is not 2 yet, and can already recognize all of his letters and numbers (1-9), knows some letter sounds and is starting to speak more in complete sentences. Mrs. Miriam encourages him and the other children to be creative, inquisitive and fosters an environment that allows, even the youngest child, to be an engaged learner and higher level thinker. At the end of each day, I receive a full report to include what DJ has eaten, the activities he has participated in and amazing pictures of him and his friends. As an educator and parent, the quality of the curriculum and method in which my child is learning is very important; however, my son’s emotional and social well-being is most important to me. Mrs. Miriam, her team, the children and their families have become a safe space and a place of happiness for DJ. He lights up each morning when she opens the door and talks about his friends all the time. I too look forward to my chats with Mrs. Miriam, as she has been supportive to me as a first time mom. We are truly blessed to have the Bright Beginning family as a part of our village.  – Jasmine, mom to DJ, age 23 months

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